Q. How long will the sleepers and steps last?

A. Wooden sleepers need to be replaced in 4 to 7 years. Our product lasts a lifetime. Why not pay the extra couple of dollars for the peace of mind that comes from knowing white ants and rot will never attack your wall. Also, our sleepers are completely fireproof. Your sleepers will never have to be replaced, just sit back and admire them.

Q. How heavy are the sleepers?

A. A 2m sleeper weight is 74kg and a 2.4m sleepers weight is 90kg so take this into consideration before planning a wall so if space is tight lighter is usually better!!

Q. What about the upright posts?

A. We can supply concrete posts for up to 1.4m walls and they are engineered approved. We can also supply Universal H-Bean and C Channel Galvanised posts for installations up to 4m.

Q. I have noticed small lines in my sleepers what is that?

A. This is a fracture, this occurs when the concrete is drying and the molecules are drying faster than the calcium molecules beside it causing it to fracture, This is not a crack a crack is a product failure and is mainly caused from dropping the concrete sleepers or putting to much strain on the sleeper:- ie using incorrect compaction techniques when back filling.

Q. Do you offer delivery?

A. Yes! We have access to a number of crane trucks and offer delivery as far as Sydney!! We have access to very completive rates and pass these directly on to our customers.

Q. What size and length do i need for my wall?

A. For walls up to 1.2m high you can use 2.4m Sleepers and 100mm steel posts

For walls up to 2.4m high you can use 2m sleepers but over 1.6m high you must use 150mmm posts

You can use 100mm posts up to 2m high but must use 1.5m sleepers

3m sleepers are suitable for walls under 1.4m

Q. Do you make custom size sleepers?

A. Yes we do!

Q. Do I need council approval?

A. Most councils require that any retaining walls over 1.0m in height from natural ground level are subject to building approval. Furthermore, any retaining wall that is less than 1.5 metres away from a building or other retaining wall also requires building approval.

Q. Im confused what size posts do i need for 80mm sleepers?

A. 80mm Sleepers will fit any 100mm post and are usually good for walls up to 1.4m high, over that height you use 150mm posts and some engineers specify 100mm sleepers.

Q. Are your products engineer designed?

A. Yes, all products are designed and manufactured according to strict engineer designs.