Our Plain smooth concrete sleepers give a modern look & come in 3 widths depending on their use:

*50mm which works great under a COLORBOND® fence.

*80mm is our standard retaining wall thickness.

*100mm is for walls over 2m high.

They look great with any garden design, reinforced with 2 x N12 steel bars (3 x N12 for 2m+ lengths or 100mm thick).

We manufacture both plain grey & charcoal colours for an economic solution to your retaining wall & fencing needs.


Incl GST & 40mpa

50mm Thick – PLAIN GREY

(To suit Colourbond Fence)

Reinforced with 3 x N12:

2.36m x 200mm  = $38.00 ea

2.38m x 200mm  = $39.00 ea

2.40m x 200mm  = $39.00 ea

(Also available in charcoal and textured!!)

80mm Thick – GREY / CHARCOAL

(Standard Thickness)

Reinforced with 2 x N12:

                                  Grey / Charcoal

1.0m x 200mm  = $27.00 / $31.00 ea 

1.2m x 200mm  = $28.00 / $32.00 ea

1.5m x 200mm  = $29.00 / $33.00 ea

2.0m x 200mm  = $30.00 / $35.00 ea

Reinforced with 3 x N12:

                          Grey / Charcoal

2.0m x 200mm  = $36.00 / $39.00 ea

2.4m x 200mm  = $38.50 / $43.00 ea

3.0m x 200mm  = $61.00 / $68.00 ea

100mm Thick – PLAIN GREY

(For walls over 2m high)

Reinforced with 3 x N12:

2.0m x 200mm  = $47.00 ea

2.4m x 200mm  = $58.00 ea

3.0m x 200mm  = $61.00 ea

  • Height – 200mm           Depth – 80mm
  • 1m – 2m sleepers are reinforced with 2 x N12 steel bars
  • 2m + sleepers are reinforced with 3 x N12 steel bars
  • 1.0m – 35kg
  • 1.2m – 45kg
  • 1.5m – 50kg
  • 2.0m – 70kg
  • 2.4m – 90kg
  • Note that sleeper weights are indicative only and may vary.
  • Price does not include steel posts, these are quoted separately.
  • Price does not include delivery. Pickup is available during trading hours from our yard in Deception Bay. We have forklifts on-site for loading your product.
  • Colour of concrete sleepers is only an indication and may vary from picture.
  • Size stated is the distance between post centres.
  • Prices do not include delivery.
  • Delivery charges are dependant on the area to be delivered to.
  • Due to the weight & sizes of our products to be delivered we primarily use a Crane truck. For much smaller quantities, alternative transport can be arranged.
  • Whatever the load size we can arrange our product to be delivered direct to your door.
  • We deliver to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich and all surrounding suburbs.
  • They last considerably longer than timber walls
  • They are generally maintenance-free
  • They provide structural strength and stability on all types of land
  • They will not rot, burn, warp, split or flake and are termite resistant
  • They look good & are environmentally friendly!

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